Sunday, 13 September 2009

I'm back

Well most people tend to slim down to go on holiday, not me, i'm strange. I just got back from Ibiza a few days ago and it's really opened my eyes up to my problems with my weight. Yeah I knew I was big but whilst away I had two major light bulb moments. First off I spent the whole week worrying about bars and restaurants we were visiting, not because of the food and drink and my limits but because of the seating - thoughts were running through my mind as to 'what if my bum doesn't fit in the chair' and 'what if the seat won't hold me' - life shouldnt be like that, I should be able to sit where I want and know that people are looking at me because I look great not because I look a mess whose butt just got stuck in a small 2 seater sofa.

The second moment came from my choice of holiday literature. The book I took with me was amazing. The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl the book follows the author Shauna through her online blog as she loses weight. It was really inspiring and I could relate to so many things in it.

Sadly my household scales don't go high enough for me to get on them, in fact when I get on them they scream overload - nice huh? So first thing tomorrow morning I will be walking to the local chemist to get weighed.

I can't afford to go back to group as I'm at college now but I will be continuing here from home, keeping track on here and on minimins. No falling back on it this time, I will succeed.

So today is the start of the rest of my life, I am sat concocting meal plans, recipes and menu's and a very important shopping list. I have made a food planner, a weight loss chart and also a table for measurements which I will be taking monthly as its important to remember that some weeks I might not lose much but that doesn't mean my body isn't still changing and I haven't lost a bit of an inch.

I hope many people will follow and comment and help me along. I was quite shocked/happy to find myself on someone's blog roll today. Thank you, when I work out how to follow back I will xx

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Pics of some food

Well as promised here is a few pictures of items I have made recently:

Corned beed quiche. Really yummy, 10 syns for it all serves at least 4 very generously.

This is quorn fillets with breadcrumb made from a heb of bread and seasoning, with roast sweet potatoes also seasoned and then my elusive sauce :)

Turkey kebabs and salad. The turkey has been marinated in soy sauce, worcester (sp) sauce, chilli, paprika, ginger and a few other spices before being griddled. (ignore the apple pie that was my gran and granddads)

Gonna try a low syn eton mess this week xx

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Weigh In

Hi guys,

I am sorry I haven't blogged for a few days - have had so much on and with the heat as well I just haven't had the energy. Sorry. I have still been good though and do have pictures of my dinners to add on later on - hopefully this evening - although I may be sleeping in the garden if it is as warm as it was last night.

Well anyhow, weigh in result..............................

Drum Roll.........................................................

I lost 2.5lb :) I know its not a huge loss but I have had lots of treats such as my magnums and a nice cold beer or two plus a chinese takeaway on Saturday night but I have known my limits so thats good :)

Ikkle xx

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Day Two.

Hi guys and gals,

Well today I overslept and didn't wake up while 12:30pm ( I am an insomniac so don't go to sleep while early hours of morning). So because of this I didn't have breakfast. Naughty I know.

Dinner was a slice of the Breakfast Quiche/ Flan.

Tea was boiled potatoes (HEB - they did have the skins on but I ate the skins off before taking the photo as I wanted them to look pretty), turkey and spinach tossed in garlic. I also had a glass of milk (HEA) and some bread and butter (HEB and 1syn).

People may wonder why I eat Turkey so much well today I will show you. My favourite cooking gadget is my George Foremans. You can see exactly how much fat comes off of what your cooking, burgers etc are fatty, as you can see from this picture, apart from being a slight residual left from the marinade there is no fat and the drip tray is spotless. Meaning the turkey is extremely healthy.

Here is a picture of my tea: If you are wondering what the white creamy sauce is, its similar to a raita. I use natural yoghurt, mint sauce, finely cut garlic, paprika and chilli and it is lovely and refreshing with meals. For curry's I just use mint sauce, yoghurt, chilli powder and finely chopped onion and cucumber, mmmm, delish

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Day One.

Today is Day One. The first day of many, I thought it would be hard and it has, but it has been made easier by the fact I have an infection in my foot so can't stand and walk on it so I couldn't get to the fridge lol.

Breakfast consisted of cheese toasties. Made using W.M bread (HEB) and Cheese slices (5 syns).

Dinner was breakfast quiche, made with sausage meat, bacon, onions, egg, cottage cheese, mushrooms and milk (HEA), it was absolutely delish and even Grandma and Granddad liked it.

Tea was an even scrummier Turkey Curry; turkey, tomato, spinach, onion, mushrooms, garlic and spices. Again a total syn free meal and was gorgeous.

Then for pudding I had a magnum which was 9 syns!!! Eeek!!! Nah to be honest that's not bad really as it is still within my syns allowance for the day :)


This is me, my name is Danielle, although many people know me as Ikkle, how ironic, given the size of me. This is the most recent photo I have taken on the 22nd May 2009. I am 21 years old a clothes size 24/26 and currently weigh 23 stone 8lb.

I have a lot of health issues and confidence problems and so need to lose weight, but I dont just need to lose weight, I want to as well. I have a holiday booked for September and I would love to be an 18/20 for then. I am not sure if that is possible but I sure hope it is.

I will be doing Slimming World, from home, as I can't afford to go to meetings and I hope you will all follow, support and join me on my journey. I will post progress pictures as well as recipes and photo's of food as well as a diary of my progress.

To all those slimming as well, good luck.

Ikkle x