Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Day Two.

Hi guys and gals,

Well today I overslept and didn't wake up while 12:30pm ( I am an insomniac so don't go to sleep while early hours of morning). So because of this I didn't have breakfast. Naughty I know.

Dinner was a slice of the Breakfast Quiche/ Flan.

Tea was boiled potatoes (HEB - they did have the skins on but I ate the skins off before taking the photo as I wanted them to look pretty), turkey and spinach tossed in garlic. I also had a glass of milk (HEA) and some bread and butter (HEB and 1syn).

People may wonder why I eat Turkey so much well today I will show you. My favourite cooking gadget is my George Foremans. You can see exactly how much fat comes off of what your cooking, burgers etc are fatty, as you can see from this picture, apart from being a slight residual left from the marinade there is no fat and the drip tray is spotless. Meaning the turkey is extremely healthy.

Here is a picture of my tea: If you are wondering what the white creamy sauce is, its similar to a raita. I use natural yoghurt, mint sauce, finely cut garlic, paprika and chilli and it is lovely and refreshing with meals. For curry's I just use mint sauce, yoghurt, chilli powder and finely chopped onion and cucumber, mmmm, delish


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  2. I love my george foreman too. Everything tastes so much healthier. I do everything on mine, including my eggs, as it has changeable plates. Best buy ever!!!