Tuesday, 26 May 2009


This is me, my name is Danielle, although many people know me as Ikkle, how ironic, given the size of me. This is the most recent photo I have taken on the 22nd May 2009. I am 21 years old a clothes size 24/26 and currently weigh 23 stone 8lb.

I have a lot of health issues and confidence problems and so need to lose weight, but I dont just need to lose weight, I want to as well. I have a holiday booked for September and I would love to be an 18/20 for then. I am not sure if that is possible but I sure hope it is.

I will be doing Slimming World, from home, as I can't afford to go to meetings and I hope you will all follow, support and join me on my journey. I will post progress pictures as well as recipes and photo's of food as well as a diary of my progress.

To all those slimming as well, good luck.

Ikkle x


  1. HI Danielle

    Just wondering how you are getting along?

    Hope you are doing well...

  2. Hey hun

    I am Vixxster on the Minimims forums and I have a blog too - www.the920.wordpress.com.

    Can I link to your blog and you to mine and we give each other moral support and what not?

    I used to be 23 stone at my biggest, I am 5 foot 4 and now weigh just under 15 stone. My plan is to get down to 10 stone 7. Wanna help me and I'll help you?