Sunday, 13 September 2009

I'm back

Well most people tend to slim down to go on holiday, not me, i'm strange. I just got back from Ibiza a few days ago and it's really opened my eyes up to my problems with my weight. Yeah I knew I was big but whilst away I had two major light bulb moments. First off I spent the whole week worrying about bars and restaurants we were visiting, not because of the food and drink and my limits but because of the seating - thoughts were running through my mind as to 'what if my bum doesn't fit in the chair' and 'what if the seat won't hold me' - life shouldnt be like that, I should be able to sit where I want and know that people are looking at me because I look great not because I look a mess whose butt just got stuck in a small 2 seater sofa.

The second moment came from my choice of holiday literature. The book I took with me was amazing. The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl the book follows the author Shauna through her online blog as she loses weight. It was really inspiring and I could relate to so many things in it.

Sadly my household scales don't go high enough for me to get on them, in fact when I get on them they scream overload - nice huh? So first thing tomorrow morning I will be walking to the local chemist to get weighed.

I can't afford to go back to group as I'm at college now but I will be continuing here from home, keeping track on here and on minimins. No falling back on it this time, I will succeed.

So today is the start of the rest of my life, I am sat concocting meal plans, recipes and menu's and a very important shopping list. I have made a food planner, a weight loss chart and also a table for measurements which I will be taking monthly as its important to remember that some weeks I might not lose much but that doesn't mean my body isn't still changing and I haven't lost a bit of an inch.

I hope many people will follow and comment and help me along. I was quite shocked/happy to find myself on someone's blog roll today. Thank you, when I work out how to follow back I will xx

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